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Blooming NB-R770 Suitable for all Family members for healthy clean life

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Product Description

Blooming NB-R770 Description

Blooming NB-R770 equipped with full options provides you the ultimate high-tech bathroom living experience to meet your cleansing and comfort needs.

The Blooming NB-R770 state-of-the-art special coated double-up nozzles serves long usage and maintain an anti-microbial condition.

Blooming bidet NB-R770 is carefully designed to be functional and comfortable for users of all ages and Body types.

Try energizing your life with Blooming bidet NB-R770.

Live fresh and live clean. White color and elongated types are available.

Blooming NB-R770 Electric Bidet Further

  • Remote control
  • Cleansing (Posterior wash)
  • Bidet (Feminine wash)
  • Warm air dryer
  • Heated seat
  • Massage
  • Deodorization
  • Self nozzle cleaning
  • Water pressure & temperature adjustment
  • Soft closing seat & cover
  • Fit Elongated & Round toilet bowl
  • One year warranty


   Special Functions

blooming_nb770_spec_011 Remote ControlOperates all functions with a wireless remote controller.
Special coated nozzle with metalPrevents alien substance from being stuck and keeps hygienic condition.
3-Way power saving systemReduced stand-by electricity by SMPS. Auto power saving mode when not used.Super power saving mode when expected not to use for a long time.
Luminous LEDSenses toilet light and luminous LED turns ON and OFF automatically.Possible to use bidet without toilet light.
blooming_nb770_spec_012 Moving (Oscillation wash)Cleanes with nozzle movement back and forth and makes wide cleansing.
MassagePromotes blood circlation with a pulsating stream of water.
Nozzle position adjustmentPossible to change nozzle position to 5 levels according to personal preferences.
Heated seatKeeps the seat warm.
Warm air dryerAssist in partial drying and helps user feel refreshed. (Max. air temp. : 50℃)
DeodorizationMore efficient than normal deodorizer by catching, decomposing and eliminating odor particle.
Water, Seat and Warm air dryer temperature adjustmentAdjusts the temperature to 4 levels.
Water pressure adjustmentAdjusts the water pressure to 5 levels.
blooming_nb770_spec_013 Auto cleanRuns warm air dryer from cleansing with one button (available on model NB-570E).
HelpUseful function for the old and the weak, also for children.Buzzer sounds to call someone outside.
Soft closing seat & coverOpen and close of the seat & cover softly and gently.
One touch detachable coverEasily detachable and convenient to clean the bidet unit.
Nozzle cleaningNozzle comes out and remains for manual cleaning.Useful function for each nozzle cleaning.
Catch platePossible to assemble and separate unit conveniently by pushing and pulling products.It makes cleaning the unit very easy and simple.
blooming_nb520_spec_014 Self nozzle cleaningMaintain hygienic condition by cleaning nozzle before and after each use.
Burn protecting system at the low temperatureSeat temperature goes OFF to protect a burn when sitting on the seat for over 30 minutes.
Dual seat sensorFor improving sensor efficiency, 2 seat sensors are set up.
ELB (Earth Leakage Breaker)Blocks any electric leakage.
Filter for alien substanceBult-in filter provides clean water.

Blooming NB-R770 Product Specification


Specification (NB-R770E)

Power supply

AC 230-240, 50Hz

Max. power consumption

660 W

Length of power cord

1.2 m

Water supply

Connection method

Direct connection to the water supply


0.7~7.5 kgf/cm2 (10~107 psi)



Flow rate


1.1 liter / min.


1.3 liter / min.

Tank capacity

1.3 liter

Water pressure adjustment

5 levels

Temp. adjustment

Normal temp., 34, 37, 40

Heater capacity

600 W

Safety device

Thermal fuse, Thermostat, Water level sensor

Heated seat

Temp. adjustment

Normal temp., 35, 38, 41

Heater capacity

55 W

Safety device


Warm air dryer

Temp. adjustment

Normal temp.~ 50 / 5 levels

Heater capacity

150 W

Safety device

Thermal fuse, Bi-metal switch


Catalystic Deodorization

ELB (Electric Leakage Breaker)

Built-in circuit

Water supply temperature

3 ~ 35

Temp. of circumstances for use

3 ~ 40


Product size

470 (W) x 530(L) x 165 (H), mm

Packaging size

530 (W) x 580(L) x 220 (H), mm

Product weight

5.5 kg

Gross weight

8.8 kg

    Note: Above specification are subjected to change and/or revise without prior notice for improvement of the product.



Additional Information


Elongated, Round


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