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Bidet Installation

In this page you will find the details installation instructions for:
White Bidet
Fresh Bidet

Carry out the following electric bidet attachment with the help of easy-to-follow instructions given on this page. Do not feel overawed by the job, as it hardly requires any skills. More than 90% of our customers look to install this toilet bidet attachment on their own. Total installation time is about 20 minutes.

Do remember that bidet seats require electric supply, so make sure a socket is available within close range. It is the electricity which helps this bidet seat reach a desired temperature. Water supply is also generated through electricity, which is why it is called as an electronic bidet.

Electric Toilet Bidet Attachment Installation Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a bidet attachment from Magic Bidet is that no additional plumbing is needed. You do not need to summon the plumber and make him do additional adjustments to fit the bidet. The attachment taps from cold water supply available behind your toilet. An additional hot water line is not necessary since the water heater is already fixed below the toilet seat.

Both hot and cold water installation have been explained here, through detailed diagrams. Follow the diagrams carefully to have your bidet up and running within no time.

Have you seen bidet attachments made to the toilet in other houses? These are actually very convenient for cleaning the anus or genital regions. A toilet bidet attachment can be electric or regular in nature. By electric toilet bidet, we mean that the device can control the temperature of water. You will also be pleased to hear that they are not difficult to install.

Bidet attachments are available at almost every online shop. So why should you choose them from our website? The reason for this is simple- you can be assured of genuine products on our website, and also of the quality. It is the best place to purchase such a cleansing and therapeutic product.

All along the way, the bidet attachment has been designed keeping customer convenience in mind. It is capable of water pressure control.  The device is eco friendly and comes with an adjustable spray direction.

Magic Bidet is keen on being a part in promotion of bathroom hygiene and sanitation for the modern society. There are amazing benefits to the use of the electric bidet attachment. It helps in preventing the spread of urinary tract infections, which are quite common. Even for people with diarrhoea, rashes, infections and haemorrhoids there are highly beneficial.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, we will be so glad to answer them. Just email us @sales@magicbidet.com

Installation for Model WB-3000


Bidet Attachment

COLD Installation

Toilet Bidet Attachment

Fig 1:

  • Remove Toilet seat and existing nutsbyusing screwdriver. Install coupling holes to center of the toilet. Set adjusters. Install toilet seat back in place and fasten existing screws.

HOT and COLD Installation

Fig 2: Fig 3:
figure_two_for_install_WB_3000 figure_three_for_install_WB_3000
  • Turn Off hot water to washbowl and remove existing nut and tube by using a wrench connected adapter to hot water valve by using thread seal tape (T eflon tape) and holding down the back tube from wall with a grip plyers. (Fig 2)
  • Fasten adaptors with wrench until secure and connect 3/8″ flexible hose from adapter to faucet tube w/pigtail 3/8″ comp. valve.
  • Fasten adaptors with wrench until secure and connect 3/8″ flexible hose from adapter to faucet tube w/pigtail 3/8″ comp. valve.

Note: Be careful not to break the incoming water line

Assembled Figure:

Fig 4:

Toilet Bidet Attachment

Two types connector

  • Hot water flexible hose to valve 3/8″ compression to faucet w/pigtail 3/8″ compression.
  • Hot water flexible hose to valve 3/8″ compression to faucet 1/2″ pipe thread.

Note: Please check temperature controls before use, as the temperature varies every day is not the same for every house, check the water temperature before use as it may be too hot or too cold.

Installation for Model Fresh Bidet

Step 1: accessories

All accessories are included in the product box.

A. Bidet Body B. Adapter C. (2) PVC
D. RubberBand
accessories_Fresh_bidet_bidet_body accessories_Fresh_bidet_bidet_adapter accessories_Fresh_bidet_PVC_tubes accessories_Fresh_bidet_rubber_bands
E. (2) Rubber Pads F. (2) Rubber Packing G. (2) T Bolt & Nut H. Flexable Stanless Pipes
accessories_Fresh_bidet_rubber_pads accessories_Fresh_bidet_rubber_packing accessories_Fresh_bidet_T_bolts_nuts accessories_Fresh_bidet_flexable_stanless_pipes

Step 2: Remove the original toilet seat


  • Turn and loosen the nuts under toilet seat.
  • Remove the original toilet seat.


  • Put 2 T-bolts to the bidet like figre A.
  • Put the rubber pad on your basin toilet.
  • Put the bidet on your basin toilet.
  • Rubber packing to be fit into T-bolt.
  • Fix the nuts strictly.

Step 3: How to connect pipes between bidet worm/cold water pipes


  • Close the valve of warm/cold water under the bowel lavatory.
  • Loosen nuts of the pipes and remove the original pipes by spanner.
  • Put the rubber packing (F) into the adapter and connect pipes (H) which are provided in the box then fix the pipes to each valve.
  • PVC tubes are to be put into the adapters.


Bidet Attachment


If you have any question or concern, please email us at:  sales@magicbidet.com