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Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about Magic Bidet and its products.
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Is this Bidet electrical product ?
No the Bidet Non-electrical product
How do I get the hot water in this bidet ?
One tube going to the cold water under the toilet. Another tube going to the hot water under the sink. ( Please look for the installation page for how it is work.
Is this Bidet easy to install?
Yes- if you are a handy man.
What comes with the Bidet box?
One Bidet Two Adaptor for the cold and hot water. Two Rubber to seal the adaptor. One White hose (Tube) for the cold and hot water. Two Flexible hose the cold and hot water.
What is the difference between the Model Fresh Bidet and WB- 3000 ?
Fresh Bidet Has 2 spray nozzle one in the front and other in the rear - Twin nozzles (Genital cleaning + anus cleaning). Fresh Bidet includes the whole toilet seat and fit elongated bowls only. WB-3000 Bidet it is attachment mean need the toilet seat on the top.
The description in your website says the Model WB-3000 is top of line?
Yes Model WB-3000 is ‘top of the three models WB-1000, WB- 2000, WB-3000.
Would you be able to ship to zip code that is NOT my zip code IN Paypal?
Yes we will be able to ship to any zip code in USA that is NOT your zip code on Paypal.