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Electric Bidet

Electric bidets are highly sophisticated devices for cleaning the genitals. They come with a patented nozzle for different cleansing programs. Pamper yourself with the use of a gentle stream of water through an electric bidet. You are provided with a convenient remote control for personalising several functions such as pressure and water temperature. Some of the electric bidets also have a gentle cycling massage feature. One can do the cleansing with the touch of a button which provides warm air-dry, while also giving the comfort of a mildly heated seat.

A deodoriser is automatically activated as soon as the seat is occupied. In comparison to traditional bidets which operate on the basis of available water supply, electric bidets are operated with electric power, as the name suggests.

Economy options for saving power are also available. A “smart power saving function” has been fitted in these bidets, which is able to calculate the most used hours of the day, resulting in maximum savings. Low power consumption is extremely suitable for usage by buyers.

Soft and aerated water spray is released by the electric bidet for feminine cleaning. Similarly, a soft but powerful aerated spray is also available, which allows thorough cleaning. In case of any malfunctions in the system, a self diagnosis function has been provided, which warns the user in case of any problems. It is interesting to note that as per the Turbo Wash function, a whirly mass of water is sprayed on the genitals, which helps stimulate bowel movement.

Electric bidet toilet seat BB-1000 and Electric bidet toilet seat USPA-6800 are two of the top products available in the market. Both are extremely popular due to availability of a wide variety of features. These products may seem a bit expensive, but they provide immense value for money in the long run.

Traditional bidets were available as separate devices. These electric bidets are fitted with the toilet seats. Additional accessories can also be purchased, which is visible on various ecommerce websites. So it is not necessary to purchase these directly in the traditional market. After doing some research, you will find that these products are available on several ecommerce websites.

So if hygiene is of utmost concern for you while carrying out daily activities in the bathroom, then an electric bidet is certainly a must-have. These are the most advanced gadgets for personal hygiene available in any country of the world.