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Live in a green environment by minimizing the use of paper.

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Live in a green environment by minimizing the use of paper.

Magic Bidet feels that living green is not just about minimizing the use of paper towels. it’s also about creating a healthy hygiene life style for people and the planet.
We want to wake up and go to sleep feeling good every day by using the Magic Bidet MB-40 with clean water.

Magic Bidet MB-40 Portable Travel Bidet Personal Hygiene.

Touch-less wipe-free portable for cleaning with water during bathroom use It is simple and easy to use just fill-up water 400ML and you ready to go, feel clean all day and use it anywhere.

The Portable Travel Bidet MB-40 will give you the pleasure to use it at work, home, traveling and you can use it for all ages baby’s, children, orderly people, woman and man.

MB-40 portable bidet it is light and compact to carry with you all time.

Magic Bidet MB-40 portable travel bidet made of high quality medical grade durable material that last longer.

You will feel all time fresh with this portable MB-40 Bidet from Magic Bidet.

MB-40 Bidet Description Features.

  • Natural water Bidet spray cold or Warm Water
  • Excellent design
  • Helps in keeping clean and healthy life
  • Ideal as gifts
  • No Plumbing Connections or batteries needed
  • Easy to fit into small handbag
  • Hygiene Nozzle
  • Comfortable
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