Tired of using irritating toilet paper or getting the feeling that you aren’t fully cleaned!! Fed up with messy menstrual cycles. You need a Magic Bidet, the new hygienic way to feel clean after bowel movements and menstrual cycles. Feel fresh every time you walk out of the bathroom, the whole family will look forward to using the bathroom. Magic Bidet fits any toilet seat. Easy to install and detach.

Magic Bidet Collection

Brondell Electric Swash 1000 Bidet Seat

Electric Bidet BB-2000 Bio Bidet

Electric Bidet BB-1000

Electric Bidet USPA-6800

Blooming Electric Bidet NB-R770

Blooming Electric Bidet NB-660

Cold Water Bidet

WB-1000 Cold Water Bidget
The WB-1000 Cold Water

MB-1100 Cold Water Bidet

MB-1100 Bidet
The MB-1100 Cold Water

MB-550 Bidet

HB-2000 Bidet
The HB-2000 Cold Water

MB-1300 Cold Water Bidet

MB-1300 Bidet
MB-1300 Cold Water Bidet

WB-1000 Bidet

MB-550 Hand Held Bidet Spray
The MB-550 Hand Held

WB-1000 Bidet

MB-551 Hand Held Bidet Spray
The MB-551 Hand Held

Portable Travel Bidet

Travel Bidet Bidet
The Portable Travel Bidet

BB-40 Cold Water Bidet

MB-40 Bidet
The MB-40 Cold Water

MB4000 Bidet

MB4000 Bidet
MB-4000 Warm & Cold Water Bidet

WB-3000 Bidet

WB-3000 Bidet
WB-3000 Warm & Cold Water Bidet

MB-2000 Bidet

MB-2000 Bidet
MB-2000 Warm & Cold Water Bidet

Bidet Parts

What is Bidet?

Bidet is a French word for pony (and in Old French, bider meant to trot). This etymology comes from the notion that one rides a bidet much like a pony is ridden. The bidet appears to have been an invention of French furniture makers in the late 17th century, although no exact date or inventor is known. Bidets are primarily used to wash and clean the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus. Bidets once served as a practical way for couples to prepare themselves before sex, as well as to rinse themselves afterwards.

A bidet may also be a nozzle attached to an existing toilet, or a part of the toilet itself. In this case, its use is restricted to cleaning the anus and genitals. Some bidets of this type have two nozzles, the shorter one, called the family nozzle, is used for washing the area around the anus, and the longer one (bidet nozzle) is designed for women to wash their vulvae. These bidet toilets have been popular in countries like India since British colonial days, as the use of just dry toilet paper to clean the perianal area is considered dirty and unhygienic.

Our bidet line will forever revolutionize your concept of personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is never complete unless water is used in the process. The "Magic" of Magic Bidet lets you achieve that cleanness only found with the use of water. Supplied in a comfortable, and practical manner; and in the precise location where the cleaning is needed.

Hygiene is a primary concern of every individual while using bathroom or toilet seats. An unhygienic toilet and conventional cleaning solutions can cause various infection to a user. Generally, people use toilet paper for cleaning inner buttocks. Such conventional cleaning methods may not fully clean your buttocks and causes various health problems. Therefore, for a complete hygiene you can install bidet, assorted with various advanced features and functions. We at, Magic Bidet is one of the foremost service providers of Electric Bidet. Apparently, we are a leaders of the industry and committed to provide an extensive range of Bathroom Fixtures Bidet and many other products.

By using an unique and highly advanced techniques, we design every product which makes you full cleaned after using a toilet. Our Hand Held Bidet is a great alternative of a toilet paper. Along with such exceptional products, we also offer Bidet attachment. Therefore, you do not have to experience hassles to clean your inner buttocks or perianal area by using a toilet paper. You will feel fresh whenever you walk out of the bathroom. Apart from that, to get rid of messy menstrual cycles feel free to use our technologically advanced Hand Held Bidet. It is easy to install and detach as well as fits to any toilet seat. Experience an innovative method to feel clean after menstrual cycles and bowel movements, with Magic Bidet.

With over years of experience, we have been providing highly exceptional products. You can view the latest collection of the accessories including electronic, portable, cold water, warm and cold and many other bidets. Start your fresh day with Magic Bidet today!

Following are the reasons that why you should consider our services and advanced bidets:-

  • •Every product is designed with the utilization of durable ABS as well as finest materials.
  • •Our unique bidet is associated with various unique functions.
  • •We offer both non electrical and electrical devices.
  • •Our aim is to provide most exceptional and well designed products in order to provide complete comfort while using a bathroom.
  • •Bidets are available along with cold and warm water facility.
  • •By using our electric or non electric bidet, you can clean the perianal area in a hygienic manner and you will keep away from different infections.

With us, you can also purchase Hand Held Bidet Sprayer and other related accessories at very cost-effective prices. Feel free to call us or browse our website to look for more services.